The Human Powered Watercraft Association is a non-profit activist organization that represents the users of all human powered watercraft. The HPWA has adopted the following principles to guide and govern the activities of the organization.

  1. The HPWA champions the free, low-impact and open access to the earth’s oceans, rivers and lakes for all human powered watercraft, and will work tirelessly to preserve this fundamental right of access.
  2. The HPWA recognizes that irreplaceable waterfront access is under constant pressure from human development and is committed to defending against encroachments to existing public access.
  3. The HPWA acknowledges that public demand for human powered watercraft is growing rapidly as is the need for more points of public access. The HPWA is dedicated to expanding public access in ways which will not adversely impact the environment.
  4. The HPWA understands the safe, enjoyable and healthy use of our waterways is dependent upon preserving natural living and non-living biodiversity and the ecological integrity of our planet. The HPWA and will conduct aggressive efforts to help preserve and protect the environment.
  5. The HPWA believes human powered watercrafts are ideal low-impact platforms for exploring and enjoying the great outdoors. The HPWA will promote their healthy and quiet characteristics as the leaders in eco-friendly operations.
  6. The HPWA is aware of the affordable nature of many human powered watercraft and will promote and defend this vital opportunity for low cost public access.
  7. The HPWA is a grassroots advocacy organization that is only as effective as the combined participation of its members. The HPWA will prioritize activities that will emphasize member involvement.
  8. The HPWA and its representatives, affiliates and members agree to abide by these principles and follow all regulations and rules that govern non-profit organizations.