portrait of Director Jack Hanna

Jack Hanna

Left, Jack is having fun on his board after giving lessons at his favorite “friendly dock”. Right, Jack is discussing the merits of tying a pfd to his paddle-board, with Marine Patrol officers.

Living in California’s Delta suits Jack and his lady, Sue. Their home in Bethel Island has a private dock with their own fleet of vintage boats and modern paddle craft. Jack grew up on the waters of San Diego and Orange Counties. Now, he enjoys access to the sea, The Bay, and one the thousand miles of fresh water in The Delta.

As a shaper, Jack draws on his marine background to design his unique flat water displacement designs for stand up paddle-boards. He has been a design/ build craftsman all his life. Jack has also served as a ‘citizen politician’ with thirty years of experience helping people work with government in planning.

Through his website,, Jack shares access to a network of “friendly docks”. He plans to work with other paddlers to share their local knowledge of access to great places to paddle. Jack believes that we are all “in this together” for fellowship, fitness, and fun.


portrait of Founder Steven Alan Fry, with his Hummer and human-powered vessels

Steven Alan Fry

Steven is an avid outdoorsman, serial entrepreneur, brand developer and innovator.

His triple-degree classical training in photography and visual arts from Brooks Institute includes a degree in underwater photography and serves his passion for oceanography and scuba diving.

His has held an USHPA advanced rated hang gliding certificate since 1974 leading to businesses in ultralight aircraft distribution, construction, sales and flight park development.

A lifetime automotive enthusiast, Steven has pioneered several award-winning passenger safety products and well-known ProNet®, Supertruck® and Bladewing® accessories and equipment.

Also a lifetime boater, Steven has owned, maintained and operated 15 boats of all sizes and types, and aspires to build the world’s most environmentally advanced yachts via his Cousteau-inspired start-up enterprise. He is currently leading a joint development effort with Jean-Michel Cousteau and Body Glove to fund, build and operate a unique Trekker® vessel platform that will introduce Inner Space Tourism and feature multiple “clear-bubble” 3-man submersibles taking guests comfortably to amazing destinations as deep as 3,000 feet.

His Trekker brand is currently expanding into the action sports arena with a series of accessories and safety equipment for Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP), stand up surf boards, paddles, and small boats including kayaks, outriggers and wave skis. Steven competes in SUP, loves long pulls in his OC-1 HUKI outrigger, and has recently joined the rapidly-growing community of stand up surfers.

Born and raised in SoCal, he lives just two miles from Dana Point Harbor in San Juan Capistrano.

He recently completed 2 busy years as a Director for the Dana Point Boating Association where he produced a comprehensive traffic study that quantified paddlers as the harbor’s largest user group.

On October 8, 2009 Steven launched the Human Powered Watercraft Association in a well-received presentation to the California Coastal Commission in Oceanside, California regarding the significant need for additional human powered watercraft facilities in the harbor’s revitalization plan.